Air Fryer Fried Pickles Texas Road House Copy Cat


Air Fryer Fried Pickles Texas Road House Copy Cat is one of my favorites! This is a Texas Road House Copycat Fried Pickle recipe. To make it even


  1. Posted by sruscher, — Reply

    I wish I read these comments prior to making these and wasting my pickles 😭 it was spicy, odd tasting and dehydrated funk. Even with altering the cook time they were still gross☺️

  2. Posted by crsanders86, — Reply

    They were ok.. tasted more like dehydrated or freeze dried than anything even tried turning down the temperature and still turned out the same

  3. Posted by morgan5211, — Reply

    Omg do not make these they turn into spicy flour-y dehydrated pickle chips and I followed the recipe to a T. Those stars must be fake 😭

  4. Posted by heiddi, — Reply

    Ugggh, I wish I would have read the comments before making these and/or trusted my intuition oh the cajun + cayenne pepper. They are spicy and the cook timing is was way too long

  5. Posted by livinglifeinida, — Reply

    Made this it was really spicy and they didnt look anything like any fried pickles I've had before. Maybe try regular oven next time.

  6. Posted by cali2nygirl, — Reply

    These are not good. Nothing crispy about them and the flavor is weird. For a true fried pickle lover for me, this was a fail!

  7. Posted by Morrowjam, — Reply

    This did not turn out like the ones in the picture. Don’t make this recipe. Just use a recipe where you back in the oven.

  8. Posted by keshiaalice, — Reply

    We did not enjoy these unfortunately. I might have overcooked them. Or my pickles weren’t the proper kind.

  9. Posted by mirandamossman, — Reply

    Mine were like thin crispy chips after the initial 10 mins. Nothing like fried pickles! Disappointing

  10. Posted by amberdrizzy, — Reply

    These are more pickle chips vs fried pickles. Not good 🤢 it tastes like dehydrated pickles and flour

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